The Six Steps to Settlement.

Here are six easy steps that will streamline the home loan process, and with a little preparation and organisation, it will minimise the headaches and speed up your mortgage application.

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Find a mortgage broker - Blue Moon
Analyse your financial situation
By meeting with us in the outset you may save yourself a large amount of time, effort, and even money in organising your home loan.

Prior to meeting us, do some research on how much you may be able to borrow and general research on what features and products are available - all calculators are here.

Gain loan pre-approval
Your loan application
Obtaining a loan pre-approval can speed up the mortgage application process, and could mean the difference between obtaining your home since time is rushed or missing out all together.
This is where it gets tricky so it is a good idea to have Blue Moon on hand to help you maintain the coordination of events. 

Your loan approval
Once the lender has approved your loan application, you will receive a loan offer letter which sets out the legal conditions that apply to your loan. 

The day has finally arrived! The forms have been processed and your lender will be sending a letter confirming the transaction details. 

All enqiuires are completely confidential as governed by the Privacy Act and other State and Federal Acts